Festival philosophy

The philosophy of "Indian Culture Day – Dvaraka Festival" is to give visitors a remarkable experience of some aspects of Vedic (old Indian) culture. Many people told us that they feel a pleasant, family atmosphere here.


Original Vedic culture, which we try to present, has previously not been limited to India, but people lived this culture across the whole planet. It’s in people's hearts till today, because it includes not only external signs visible at the festival, but also defines the right character of the person, it can pick up various abilities of people and ensure their application for the benefit of the whole society. Therefore people in Vedic culture naturally like their jobs because they relate to their natural abilities. This culture also prevents those who want to promote immoral thoughts, thus protecting the society. Vedic culture enables to live to the full, where people live according to their social status, celebrate various holidays and festivals and need no alcohol, drugs, etc. This culture is based on a life in harmony with nature, where the mother Earth is not exploited (by various types of mining and pollution), but enjoys respect because it gives food to all beings. Vedic culture is ruled by a king who lives only for the good of all (not just humans).

Due to such positive conditions people are not in material poverty and can dedicate themselves to higher goals of life, such as to know themselves: who I am, where I came from and where I go, which is the next step of Vedic wisdom – to reach the highest goal of life.

Enter for at least one day this magical world, which can become a reality. Meet the people who live this reality. Dvaraka is the name of the city from Vedic times and the word "dvara" means a door or a gate. Walk thru this gate and little by little you will find that you are entering not only the festival, but the real world of Dvaraka.