Support this festival

This "Indian Culture Day – Dvaraka festival" is not a for-profit project. Organizers and performers consist of ordinary people from all over the Czech Republic and have their jobs to support themselves.

They support this event particularly by their talent and enthusiasm to be a part of something big, common and beneficial. They devote their time, energy and resources only to convey the message of the Vedas, ancient, beautiful and colorful Vedic culture and balanced life – far away from the modern, fast-paced and predatory life, for which can not be blamed ordinary people, but unqualified government.

We try to keep the admission fee low so everyone can come without discrimination. But it does not cover the costs and it also does not allow for further development of the festival to its full bloom. And believe me, we have quite something to offer.

Become part of this great Dvaraka group. Please take part – financially, by your help during the festival day, by ideas or just by visiting this festival.

Account number: 2701041955/2010
IBAN: CZ3020100000002701041955